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Hunting Whales

photograph from Nature story

(before 2003)

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There were many whales swimming in the ocean a long time ago. Then they were hunted and killed by Native American tribes. They used the whale for food, oil, and other items. Seventy years ago, they were told to stop killing them because the number of whales was so small.

Now the Native Americans were told that they could start hunting them again. The problem was that other people did not want the whales to be killed. They told the Native Americans that the whales should be left alone. Many people were upset.

During a celebration, guards were asked to protect the Native Americans. There were no problems. One Native American felt good about that. He just wanted to enjoy his celebration.

The Native Americans wanted to do what their ancestors had done for many years. They want to teach their children about their past. They think that it helps the group to stay together.

Other people are afraid to let the Native Americans kill the whales. They think that other countries will start killing them, too. If too many people start killing the whales, then there will soon be no more whales.

Some people will try to stop anyone from killing whales. They will sue the people who help to kill them. They will get in the way of those trying to kill a whale. Everyone will be watching to see what happens the first time the whales are hunted.

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