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Drought in California

photograph from Nature story

(before 2003)

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A place in California called Marin County is having a drought. People who live there have very little water. It has not rained there for a long time. They have to keep track of how much water they use. They can only use fifty gallons of water per day for each person.

One family has found a way to use less water. Not a drop of water is wasted. Family members take baths together. The bathtub water goes to the washing machine. Water from cleaning dishes is put in the garden. All leftover water is saved.

Many companies that use water must save water to save them money. A car wash has been changed to use less water. A car wash could use three hundred gallons of water per car. The changed car wash only uses five gallons per car.

People in Southern California are not as worried. They still allow pools to be built. The government does not force people to save their water.

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