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photograph from Nature story

(before 2003)

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People who fly in space have to eat food that they bring from earth. In the future, these people will grow their own food.

Scientists are getting ready for the future by living in a biosphere in Arizona. In 1989, eight people began living inside the biosphere. They were sealed off from the outside world. They grew their own food.

A scientist said that we will need some kind of life system on another planet.

A new project is called Biosphere Two. Many different areas will be put in the biosphere. It will copy the oceans, the tropics, and a rain forest. A small desert and a tiny swamp will also be put in. A greenhouse will help them grow food.

They will try to grow all of the food they need with no help from outside. If they can do this, then it could be done on another planet that does not have any plants growing on it.

The idea has been tried already on a small scale. On a desk in an office, two tiny shrimps have lived two years in a sealed globe.

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