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Californians Want to Fight Global Warming

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Many people who live in California are very concerned about the earth. They are worried that the earth is warming too much. They believe that living things on the earth will be affected by the warming. Most Californian's think that the state should investigate the problem.

A survey was taken in California. The questions that were asked were about global warming. The results of the survey were very interesting. They showed that most people in California are very concerned about global warming.

The survey showed that over half of the people who live in California want the state to work on the global warming. Last year not as many people felt that way. People think the problem is getting worse.

Another poll showed that many people are not happy with the federal government. They do not like the way global warming is being handled. Only a few people asked think that the federal government is doing a good job with this issue.

One man said that Californians are feeling worse, not better. They are more concerned today than they ever have been about global warming. Many of them want the state of California to deal with the problem instead of waiting for the federal government to do something.

The people do not want to wait. They want the state to start working on the problem immediately.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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