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Snow Levels Are Just Average

photograph from Nature story


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Snowpack levels are very important to the people living in California. Many people rely on the snow for water throughout the year. Snowpack levels need to be checked and studied many times.

Special people study the snowpack levels. These levels are checked in different ways. Sometimes people go to the snow to check the levels by hand. They do this five times a year in the Sierras. Another way of checking it is by using a special device that is left in the Sierras all of the time.

When winter was half over in 2006, the snowpack levels were studied. The information showed that some parts of the Sierra Nevada Mountains had a little less snow this year than they have had in the past. Other areas had a little more snow than usual.

A man that was in charge of the project said that 2006 was a pretty normal year. He thought that it will stay that way. He knows that things can change though.

It is important for people to study the snowpack measurements. This information will help them figure out how much water will be available to use later in the year. It also helps power companies figure out how much power they will be able make by using water.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 Rewrite.)

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