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Photographers Gather at Yosemite

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Amateur photographers traveled to Yosemite National Park on September 15, 2005. They were trying to take the same picture as a famous photographer. His name was Ansel Adams. The picture he took was made on September 15, 1948.

The snapshot that Mr. Adams took was of the moon at night. It is a black and white picture. It has turned out to be a very famous picture. The photo shows the moon hanging in the sky. Mountains are below the moon. Adams named the photo “Autumn Moon.” Park rangers expected a lot of photographers would go to Glacier Point. That is where Ansel Adams took the well-known picture.

Mr. Adams was known for his record-keeping. When he took a picture he wrote down details in his notebook. He noted the kind of camera settings and film he used. One thing he did not write down was the date that he took the photo. People are not sure when the picture was taken.

Some experts who study the stars have looked at Mr. Adams’ picture. They wanted to learn when it was taken. They looked at the picture very closely. They measured the angles of the shadows. This helped them find out where the moon was in the sky. Next, they looked at old charts and maps of the stars. They figured out where the moon would have been when Mr. Adams took the picture. They think that the picture was taken on September 15, 1948. They also think the picture was taken at around 7 pm.

Every 19 years the moon is in the same position as it was in Mr. Adam's picture.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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