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Relief Group Sends Supplies

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Three men wanted to help survivors who lost their homes in a hurricane. They asked people who lived in their area to help too. People donated food, water, and even medicines. They collected a lot of supplies to send to the Gulf Coast.

The men who started collecting were ready to send supplies after five days. They loaded a semi-truck with food, medicine and other things. The first truck was sent to Louisiana to help people who had lost their belongings and homes. It took the truck about a day and a half to get there from California.

Seven more trucks were loaded and made ready. The trucks were sent to states that were damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Those states are Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. The supplies will be given to people who survived the hurricane.

Chris Snow is a volunteer who is loading supplies into the trucks. He was asked why he was helping. He said, "It's a disaster and everybody needs to jump in and help."

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 Rewrite.)

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