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Sea Lion Found on Street

photograph from Nature story


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A sea lion, who likes to get around, turned up on a Sacramento street late last night.

People taking a walk at night almost stepped on the sea lion. It was sitting at the corner of two streets.

The passersby poured water on the sea lion to keep him comfortable. Then they called the police. "The callers told us there was a sea lion," said a police spokesperson. The police called other agencies that could help the sea lion. They found people who were experts. They were from the Marine Mammal Center.

The experts from the center arrived early in the morning and moved the sea lion into a cage. They also gave the sea lion medical care. They think the lost sea lion swam from the San Francisco bay into the Sacramento River. Then they think the sea lion took a side trip into the American River. He ended up in a creek that feeds the river. The experts think the sea lion is confused because he may have a brain illness. Small polluted plant life could have made the sea lion sick and mixed-up.

This sea lion has also shown up in San Luis Obispo and in Moss Landing. A special tag that the sea lion wears lets people recognize him. Experts know where he has been because of the tag.

A male sea lion can weigh more than one ton. Sea lions are mammals and have a bark like a dog. Sea lions are often seen along the rocky coastline during summer months. They occasionally make their way upriver following the fish.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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