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Farmers and the Weather

photograph from Nature story

(before 2003)

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The weather is very important to farmers. This time of year seems to be cooler than usual. This change is nice for some farmers but causes worry for others.

One man who grows grapes said that he welcomed the cooler weather. It was giving him and his workers extra time to bottle their wine. Usually they would still be picking grapes this time of year.

Other farmers are not quite as happy. The possible rain can cause a lot of damage to their crops. Food that is not picked right away can often rot.

Farmers are usually on a very strict schedule. They need to get all of their food picked before the weather gets bad. When the rains start early it can ruin a lot of their crops.

It seems that some farmers are happy about the cooler weather and others are concerned. It has been a nice relief for a few of them. For others, they hope that the rain will not start because it could ruin many of their crops.

(This was adapted from an original story provided by News10 KXTV Sacramento.)

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