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Golden Gate Birthday

photograph from Going Places story

(before 2003)

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San Francisco had a huge party. Lots of people crowded together on the Golden Gate Bridge. They wanted to be a part of the history of the bridge. The crowd broke all the records. There were many more people than anyone expected.

The party was for the 50th anniversary of the bridge opening. The Golden Gate Bridge was famous when it was built. Today, it is still very popular in San Francisco.

The party began with a walk across the bridge. The walk started at sunrise. One woman said, "This is the greatest day in the history of San Francisco. There's no better day to walk the bridge."

The bridge walk lasted four hours. Many people felt the bridge move in the wind as the crowd walked across.

The sunrise walk was just the beginning. People had a full day of games, concerts and a parade of old cars. Some of the people and cars crossed the bridge on the opening day fifty years ago.

Many of the older people walked across the bridge when it opened in 1937. Some came back with their grandchildren.

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