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Looking for a Job

photograph from Working story

(before 2003)

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Are you looking for a job? More and more people are looking for work. Also, more people are changing jobs as job markets change. How do you find out about new jobs? Besides the local newspaper, there are many places to check for more information on possible jobs.

Public libraries in most towns and cities have information about jobs and different careers. This information includes lists of local, state, and federal government job opportunities. The information tells you how to apply for the jobs.

Government offices provide services in locating jobs. Federal, state, and local governments offer many civil service job opportunities. Civil service jobs are jobs with the federal, state, or local government like forest rangers, post office clerks, and highway workers.

Many businesses hire workers through employment agencies. Employment agencies handle both temporary and permanent jobs. Many employment agencies list jobs in the want ad section of newspapers. You can also find the names of employment agencies in the telephone directory. Employment agencies usually charge a fee.

Your friends and relatives who are working are another source to learn about jobs. They can tell you about job openings where they are working or about other jobs.

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